Understanding Wait Times

There are times when patients have to wait for a healthcare service or procedure. Sometimes waiting is a necessary part of a patient’s treatment plan.

It’s our goal to reduce unnecessary wait times for healthcare services so Nova Scotians get care when they need it.

Understanding healthcare wait times, including how they are measured, helps patients and care providers use the information to potentially access health services sooner.

People who need emergency surgery, treatment or tests receive these services as quickly as possible. The wait times reported on this website are for elective non-emergency cases only. For urgent health advice call 811 or dial 911 for emergencies.

There are many steps on the journey to wellness. The path may include a first appointment with a family doctor to final treatment and everything else in between. Everyone's journey to wellness is different.

Most wait times that a patient may encounter is available on this website. As more information on wait times is collected, we will keep adding wait times for new services and procedures.

Reduce your wait time

Not all wait times are the same, and you may reduce your wait time for health care services. Explore options and talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner.

Talk to your doctor

Wait time information can help you and your doctor make informed decisions. Find wait times and share the numbers with your healthcare provider.