Talk to your doctor

Using this website will help you find out where wait times may be the shortest and then you should talk to you doctor or nurse practitioner about your options.

You can view the website using a mobile device or tablet or easily print or email wait times. If you find a shorter wait time, bring this information along with you to your next appointment with your doctor or nurse practitioner.

Together, you should discuss your referral options. Your doctor or nurse practitioner will let you know if the option you are thinking about is right for your care needs.

There are a number of factors to consider when exploring options for a shorter wait time:

  • Seeing the same physician for consult and treatment is almost always required.
  • Sometimes if you have already waited for a period of time, it may be the best decision to stay with the specialist or clinic where you were originally referred.
  • If you do decide to travel for a shorter wait time, you will often need to travel again for follow-up appointments to assess your progress.
  • Your doctor or nurse practitioner will help you decide what option is right for you in order to be seen as quickly as possible.
  • If you have been referred and are waiting to hear about when your appointment will be, contact the specialist or clinic for more information. You can also ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to help you follow-up about when to expect your appointment.
  • If you are already on a wait list and find a shorter wait time, remember to cancel other appointments you no longer need, especially if you have already been seen by a specialist.

Remember, if there is any change in your condition while you are waiting, be sure to talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner so your referral can be updated.