For Primary Care Providers

This website helps care providers and patients have collaborative discussions about referral options.

Patients and referring care providers can access wait times for over 150 surgical procedures throughout Nova Scotia, and the website will indicate which locations and specialists have the shortest wait times for initial consult and surgery. Wait times are also displayed for many other health services, including diagnostic imaging, such as MRI and CT, Cancer care services, mental health and addictions.

New wait time procedures and services are periodically added as information becomes available. Contact the Department of Health and Wellness for questions about the website.

Note: Surgery providers have reporting obligations under provincial policy, which are intended to ensure that wait time information is as accurate as possible. For the most recent version of the provincial Patient Access Registry Policy, providers should contact their local Access Manager.

The following links are to information to assist referring care providers with referrals.

Guidelines for Physicians Regarding Referral and Consultation for Patients with a Family Physician – College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia
Recommendations endorsed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia. The College encourages its members to be familiar with and to follow its guidelines whenever possible and appropriate.

Physician Search - College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia
Locate physicians on Nova Scotia. The Physician Search is updated daily using information provided by the physicians.

Find a Dentist – Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia
Find a dentist or dental surgeon in Nova Scotia

Central Referral Clinics
Central referral clinics help streamline the referral process.

  • Neurosurgery Central Referral Clinics
  • Orthopaedic Surgery Central Referral Clinics
  • Pediatric Surgery (IWK) Central Referral Clinics
  • Women’s Health Central Referral Clinics

Ordering Guidelines for MRI Exams in Nova Scotia
Starting in February 2013, all family physicians and Nurse Practitioners in Nova Scotia may order adult MRI services directly without prior approval from a specialist or radiologist. Pediatric MRI exams and breast MRI exams are excluded from the new policy and will continue to follow existing ordering protocols.

Dalhousie Department of Medicine Information for Referring Physicians
Triage criteria, referral process, wait times and contact information for Internal medicine consultations and interventions

Orthopedic Surgery Patient Information
The My Surgery website is for patients who are having hip or knee replacement surgery. This website provides information to help patients prepare for surgery, stay in the hospital, and recover at home.

Continuing Care Resources for Physicians
Answers to frequently asked questions by physicians about continuing care services in Nova Scotia.