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How to Search for Wait Times

To help you find wait times, there are two ways to use the Find Wait Times search function -- 1) Keyword Search and 2) Select Category/Procedure. You can access the search at

Keyword Search – If you know the word or phrase you're looking for, enter a service, procedure or surgeon name (ex. MRI) and click Search to see results.

Select Category/Procedure – You can also browse by Category or Service/Procedure to find wait times.

  • Click Select Category … (or the arrow to the right) to see category options. Then select a category to narrow results to that category. Click Find to see results.

  • Click Select Service/Procedure … (or the arrow to the right) to see service/procedure options. Then click a service/procedure to select that procedure, and click Find to go to the selected procedure wait times.

  • To help narrow service/procedure options, after selecting a category the service/procedure list only shows services and procedures related to the selected category.

  • The Find button is only available if you select something from the Category or Service/Procedure dropdown lists.

  • Click + view category definitions to see category descriptions and samples of common services/procedures for each category.

  • If you select the Surgery & Surgeon Consultations category, Specialty and Surgeon options are available on the form.

  • As you make a selection on the form, the following options are narrowed to only include options that are related to your previous selection(s).

  • Clicking the Find button takes you to the most specific results or wait times you selected.